Prawn Process

At Sykes, we concentrate on making our product as fresh as possible whilst remaining traceable and sustainable to benefit our customers. In aid of this, we have a global tie with Royale Marine ImPex, with our own dedicated factory at Chirala Mandal, India.

The facility focuses on high quality Vannamei Shrimp from BAP approved ponds within 3 hours’ distance, by road, to the processing facility.

Within 3 hours of being caught in the ponds, the shrimp arrives at the factory, to be processed and frozen within an hour. Ensuring we only receive the highest quality raw material that is freshly frozen.

Our supply deal guarantees a volume of 3500MT of peeled or headless Vannamei Shrimp per annum. This allows our farmers to seed their ponds with confidence, giving them more focus to process the highest quality shrimp possible.

This deal gives us direct access to the finest raw material in India. Then, once the raw material is in the UK, it can be cooked or packed raw to EU custom specifications in Sykes brands or customers own label.

We can ensure our customers have the finest quality and safest shrimp packed to specification with a 7-day lead time.