Seafood Week – DAY SEVEN


Latin Name: Lutjanus malabaricus

 Red Snapper was decided for the penultimate day of Seafood Week due to being one of our most loved exotic fishes with its sweet, firm, white and textured flesh. Not only this but it is also a highly sustainable Fish!

We love simple recipes for Red Snapper, as we like to have the Fish take centre stage. Simply combining Butter, Herbs, Lemon juice, Paprika, Salt & Pepper in a small bowl and using the mix as a Herbed Butter to spread over the Fish is our ideal tea time meal. However, due to Red Snapper’s taste – there are over 1million other recipes available online.

If you decide to try this Fish for your Friday night dinner then please tell us or send an image to our Facebook or Twitter, we would love to see!

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