Seafood Week – DAY SIX


Latin Name: Melanogrammus aeglefinus / Scomber scrombrus

For Seafood Week Day Six we’ve decided to showcase two of our all-time Smoked Fish Fillets – Smoked Haddock and Smoked Mackerel.

Our Smoked Haddock works perfectly as a brunch option as it pairs well with creamy flavours whilst being succulent and tender to eat. Whilst our Smoked Mackerel is perfect in Salads as it’s ready to eat therefore quick to prepare when you’re on the go, whilst also being hot smoked meaning that it holds a kick in its taste. Hot Smoked fish is believed to have a more meatier taste and gives fish a even more luxurious edge.

Smoked Fish is known and loved here at Sykes for its comforting feel. In our opinion Autumn and Winter lunches are all set with these two dishes.

What are some other Smoked Fish or dishes that you love? Please let us know via Twitter or Facebook.

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