Seafood Week – DAY TWO


Latin Name: Mytilus chilensis, Loligo duvauceli and Penaeus vannamei  / Solenocera spp

Our Seafood Selection consists of 60% Mussels, 30% Squid & 10% Prawns and comes ready to eat. We decided upon this product due to its versatility and quick preparation time; as this product comes ready to eat it works perfectly on its own for a quick snack or for your lunch. However, we love to add this to a Spaghetti dish for the perfect Seafood Pasta or more alternatively, adding to the top of a pizza base to create a Seafood pizza.

All in all, this product is one of our favourites as it holds a number of key benefits, along with the rest of the products selected over the course of Seafood week it provides a healthier alternative to meal times which is why we love to celebrate the wonderful world of Seafood not just through Seafood Week but all year round.

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