At Sykes we are aware that as a major importer of fresh and frozen fish and seafood we hold a level of responsibility. We utilise our own trusted brands, we’re committed to sourcing from sustainable locations, and we’re well managed throughout the company including our fishing areas and aquaculture regions.

We manage take pride and full responsibility for a supply chain that spans interactions from catch to customer. Our range of customers from retail to wholesale to foodservice all now want a transparent supply chain. The demand for full traceability has increased bringing added pressure for suppliers but at Sykes we want to keep standards high and remain accountable.

We impart our own high standards and expectations through this supply chain, and we pro-actively work with and support a range of organisations who are dedicated to the improvement and long term sustainability of fish stock globally.

Sykes procurement process prioritises sustainable considerations as first priority when sourcing fish and seafood.

Before approval to supply, we consider fish stock levels, fishery management, sustainable and best aquaculture practices. From here, we continually monitor the changing situations with up to date information, not only from our suppliers but across the seafood industry.

We continue to work to ensure that wherever possible the fish and seafood we supply to our customer base is responsibly sourced and subsequently produced.