Sykes Manufacturing Packaging

Sykes’ Manufacturing Achieves BRC AA Standards Within 4 Months

In May of 2015 the team at Sykes set about developing and opening a production facility to facilitate the packing and grading of a range of Fish and Seafood lines into a wide range of packing formats.

Based at its Manchester headquarters, a new facility was developed to provide a myriad of packing options for an unlimited range of Seafood products, the focus of this site is to control the flow of raw material into the Sykes business, packing into our own label ranges and customer brands and also develop new product development opportunities including retail boxing option and skin packing facilities to bring frozen presentations on a par with their chilled counterparts.

As a result of this investment and the drive to push for the highest of standards, the facility was awarded its BRC AA status in October, significantly just some 6 months after opening doors for business.

“The brief from the board was to offer a flexible solution to support the packing of our own brands and in turn our customer’s brands, to do it in a way that adds value to the product at the same time and enhance what our customers receive day in and day out” commented Chris Mills – Sykes Operations Manager.

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